Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Eyes, hair, music and movie

Tuesday 8th: Asher had an eye appointment this afternoon. We waited SO long and it was quite a challenge keeping her there. She went through her whole bag of toys and thankfully was happy to just keep playing with the iPad and Dora cards. It was a challenging afternoon for us both. Asher's eyes have not changed since the last appointment, but with some of the things we have noticed, he decided it was a good idea to get a new prescription that is more accurate. Although he could see a change last time, he didn't feel she would benefit as much from a change then. So new glasses will happen soon.
A lovely happy face to help after a stressful afternoon.
Wednesday 9th: Anastasia loves Ruth's speaker. We have downloaded some nursery rhyme albums and she is just loving them.
Ruth also let Anastasia use her older brush. She just loves brushing her hair with it.
Thursday 10th: Ruth loves doing things in Anastasia's hair. She can't wait for it to be long enough to get tied up and "played" with.
Such a happy little girl with such beautiful smiles. I often just reflect on how far she has come with her eating over the last couple of months and I am so grateful.

More Moana fun. Anastasia dancing with them. 

Above: We got a carer for the younger two today and I took the others up to visit friends in their new home (which they have been in for ages but it's been that long since our last visit). I just LOVE the view they have.

 Friday 11th: Ruth enjoyed building the hydraulic claw that arrived this week. I got a special on these kits so we ordered 3. They are great fun, but just a bit too pricey - so we won't be ordering more.

Sunday 13th: 3rd time lucky with the movies and we got to watch one with Dad. We dropped the little two off at friends after church and it was so nice to be able to have the time together with the older children. What a treat.

Monday 14th: Ruth loves putting Anastasia on Asher's lap. We always have to watch carefully though, as if Asher is in a mood - she will just push her right off. Today was a good one.
Wednesday 16th: Hannah and Hezekiah enjoyed going to an art class today.
Some lovely creations.

They have also been busy with the School holiday reading programme. Hezekiah was pleased to get his finished up today. They did it really differently this year and it was a lot of fun. They will get invited to a end of holiday party to celebrate all those children who have put the effort in to read through the holidays. What a great help to keep encouraging them.
The Christmas tree is down but the table is still in the lounge. Anastasia thinks it's great fun.

She knows she is not allowed on this drum (the right way around) so she worked out a way to keep mum happy but still get to sit on it. :-)

And just to confirm - she does know how to use the drums and does love playing them.
We got some shopping done on Sunday too, which included a new tramp for the younger two specifically - so that I can feel they are both a bit more safe. Asher just has no concept of not going to close to the edge, so this will help reduce some stress and allow them to have a bit more fun. The girls helped put it together this evening and so got to enjoy the first jump.
Ruth enjoyed some shopping too. Don't you just love her solar flamingo lights?

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