Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lunch, lake and back on the ice

There were so many choices for lunch (Ruth had looked on-line) but we just found a parking and picked the first one. It was a perfect choice. Such lovely food and great prices.
Just look at the size of that burger. And Gluten free too.
Ruth's selfie camera is not that great. We should have just asked the waiter to take a photo for us. A special memory though of a real treat.
Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah all wanted an ice cream after lunch. Not one of them was able to finish it though, so they all ended up in front of Brendon. They were huge though, so although he had quite a bit, he couldn't finish them all. :-)

BELOW: Then back to the enjoy the lake. I love this photo.

Brendon and I drove the car around to a parking closer to the lake and in that short drive Anastasia fell asleep. So the three of us just stayed in the car while the other 4 enjoyed the lake.

They enjoyed skipping stones on the water. And then headed up to the bridge. The photo below taken from the bridge. So lovely.

I had to go through all the photos Ruth and Rachel had taken. There were a few really lovely ones though.

Then we headed back to the house and enjoyed a giant game of Jenga.
Hezekiah and Hannah having some fun.
The tower gets bigger.
And bigger.
Ruth seeing how small she can make herself.
And she still loves building block houses.
Rachel had unfortunately gotten a couple of bites on her feet while at the lake, so she decided to stay home with her feet up while the rest of us headed back to the ice rink.
While this morning Hannah was overwhelmed by it all and didn't end up skating much, that happened for Hezekiah this evening. We didn't realize he could have just asked for different skates. He didn't feel as comfortable on the ice, and it may very well have been the skates. Afterwards Brendon told us he spotted a lady change her skates twice before she was happy with them. At least Hezekiah had great memories from the morning.
Hannah made some great memories this evening and did so very well. Eventually not using the frame either.

It was very special skating at night, with the stars above us. What perfect weather today for such an amazing day.

I was eventually confident enough to have my phone on the ice with me, so took some photos and videos. Ruth had some fun trying some different things with her feet.
Hannah did really well getting off the frame.
More fun.
Ruth wanted to take a video of me too.
Hannah did so well in taking our tips on how to get faster. Great work Hannah.
When she first tried to do this, it was so scary for her and she just didn't want to do it again. So she was very brave to keep trying and it paid off.
Having a little race.
What a lovely evening. Again I was so thankful that Brendon was happy to entertain Anastasia so that I could have this time with the girls.

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