Sunday, September 16, 2018

Games and park fun

A lovely relaxed Sunday morning. Rachel doesn't often play Bang with the girls, so they were very excited about her agreeing to play with them this weekend. It also gave me an opportunity to get all the sheets off the beds and get them all tidy. I managed to get most of the packing done too.
Then we had our first family game of Ticket to Ride. I couldn't believe I forgot to take a photo before we collected all the trains. The score was really close between us all though. You can see the coloured score counters on the side there. All 5 scores within 8 points of each other!
Great photo Hezekiah.
We then had lunch and finished up the last bit of packing and cleaning.
One last game of chess before we left (so that I could also get a photo of this cool chess set).

BELOW: A different route home as we didn't need to go through Timaru this time. So the inland road for a while. Such a beautiful countryside. I'm sure I took a photo of the same area on a previous trip through this area. So pretty.

We had planned to stop at the Ashburton park on the way home. We ended up spending more time here than we anticipated. It was a lovely addition to the weekend away.
This creation seemed to be a bit of a strange one. It didn't really do anything. Rather a big contraption for just 2 seats. You could get them to bounce slightly, but that was it.
Always fun pretending you are a hamster in a ball. :-)
Great climbing Ruth.
And Hannah showing us how strong she is. This was very long and she made it all the way across.

Anastasia having some fun too.

Unfortunately this horse didn't rock as well as others Ruth has been on.
Such a nice relaxing time.
I ended up chatting to a Dad of a autistic boy. It was nice to have an opportunity to chat and encourage others.
We got home a bit later than planned, but Asher's teacher aide had brought her home and gotten her settled so that we didn't need to fetch her on our way home. Thankfully Brendon had Monday booked for leave too, so we could all just have a relaxing evening, knowing we could sleep in a bit the next morning. It was a wonderful weekend and we are so thankful it worked out as well as it did. And Asher had no seizures over the weekend either - which was an added bonus.

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