Sunday, November 5, 2017

Turn, cut and bang

Thursday 2nd: The first use of that was for me to lie on, to help baby turn out of her breech position. Hezekiah and Asher decided it also worked really well as a ramp for cars. It was lovely to see Asher so quickly join in with his game.
Asher had a seizure at 10:45am. I was late with giving her Hemp oil again today. It does make me wonder if she would have had a seizure if I had remembered. Time will tell.
Saturday 4th: Brendon finally got himself a decent weed eater. His previous one was regularly just deciding to stop, even if the work wasn't finished, and it caused endless frustration. He was so pleased today to be able to just keep working until he decided he was done for the day. Although he still had the ditch to do, he spent the afternoon helping me get things ready for Monday. The plan is to do an ECV (turn baby from breech to head down) and then induce labour while she is in the right position.
Rachel left early this afternoon to join the ambulance team for tonight's fireworks. So nice that she could get this opportunity.

At 5:15pm Asher had a seizure. Thankfully most of the seizures lately are only a minute long. She had a good 1/2 a minute of extra jerking afterwards today though, and it was so violent. Poor girl. I am glad we had decided to just stay home tonight.
Ruth went with a friend and left at around 6. Brendon then left with Hezekaih and Hannah at around 7. They met up with some friends there and it sounds like they had a great time. They have been saving up their poscket money and because it was their own money they spent, they had to think carefully about what they wanted.
Hezekiah specifically wanted hot chips. :-)
Hannah enjoyed a horse ride. Although Brendon felt one lap was probably not worth the cost. Fun memories for them all though.

Rachel took a few photos of the fireworks. They only started at around 10, so it was a very late night for them. I was glad I kept Asher home. I got to have an epson salt bath once she was asleep. Lately I have found that I need one every night, otherwise I just don't get much sleep at all.

Sunday 5th: Even though the big scraped area was so noticeable from her fall, you can see the huge bruise she has from the bump above that. The scrape is healing really quickly though and is looking so much better already.
Hannah took a photo this afternoon - the last "bump" photo before we get to meet this little girl.

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