Saturday, November 11, 2017

Museum fun

After visiting me on Saturday afternoon they stopped at the museum as it is just down the road. The penny-farthing is always a highlight for photos.
As is the horse.
This was probably the only nice and clear photo. Unfortunately one of my camera dials was bumped and no one noticed the strange setting it was on (and that it wasn't using the flash at all). So it's nice that we had any photos at all.
Cold in there.
Brendon had gone to the Children's Discovery Area earlier with Asher and then the others joined them. It's lovely to have such a hands on area.
I was glad Brendon had Asher's KiwiAble card with to get discounted entry (they ended up going in for free) as she had a seizure and their visit was cut short. Thankfully it was a short one again. At least she had a bit of fun here before it came.
Funny face.
Fun walking on such thick glass.
Hannah loves butterflies - she posed perfectly for this photo. :-)
Back for a bit more digging.
I'm so glad they got to go. Hannah especially loves the museum and we have not gotten to go much over the last few years.
On Sunday Ruth had a foot spar with flower petals. :-)

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