Saturday, March 18, 2017

Show display & entries

This first section are all the "school display" - so not officially entries (and not judged).
Hezekiah showing us his artwork that was on display.
Hannah's item was the flower one that I took a photo of at assembly, so I didn't take another photo today. It was also too high to get a photo of her next to it.
Ruth had a number of items on display. She was so disappointed with this butterfly one. She had worked much longer on her first one, which she was really happy with, when someone messed the page around it. So this was her 2nd quicker design. I hope she still has the 1st one, as it would be lovely to see. This one is pretty too.
That was Summer.
And another butterfly.
And another written piece.
The the entries section Hezekiah had this caterpillar.
He also had a potato in a bucket. Unfortunately after our weekend away in Feb, it died (it was a terribly hot weekend). He took the bucket back anyway on Thursday and we were all so excited when he said he had 10 potatoes. Well done. At least you got something. Next year I'm sure your plant will do much better.

He had also told us about the cup cake that he decorated - with a rock. So it was nice to get to see that too (and he ate it in the evening).
Hannah had a hedgehog entry. Very nice Hannah.
Ruth's boot arrangement.
And her vegetable kiwi (bird)

She got 3rd prize in the Abstract section. This was especially well done as it was an adults section.
She got 3rd prize for the smaller apples. She had hoped to arrange them in a line as it was a bit like the three bears, with a smaller, middle and bigger size. :-)
The bigger set got 2nd prize. The judging is done all with numbers, so they don't know whose items belong to who. Once the judges have decided, someone goes and looks up the number and writes the cerfiticate. So she did really well to place with both.
And then her cress head entry got 2nd prize too. Well done Ruth. With 6 entries and 4 of them getting places. I have a feeling she may enter even more things next year. :-)

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