Sunday, May 22, 2016

Play, point, pink and pizza

Monday 16th started off very busy. With the girls having been at camp from Wed to Friday last week, it seemed a bit harder to get everyone ready for school this morning. Hannah had mentioned that her stomach was sore, but I wasn't sure if that wasn't just the normal "Monday morning" complaint that often seems to happen after a weekend off school. So she headed off to school and I headed to the play centre with Asher and Hezekiah.
The big issue for me today was working out what to do with "mat time" at preschool. A few suggestions had been made but I felt after the very successful time in a high chair at church yesterday, that was a very good option for mat time. I chatted through it with Nicky and once she understood what my idea was (with fine motor "games" for Asher) she made it her mission to find things around the preschool for Asher.
She found so many perfect games for her (of which she only needed 2 today). So she sat in the high chair a bit back from the group so that all the toys that she may need are around her and easy to get to for Lynda. Asher could then listen to what was going on and when she is ready to participate, she will be able to. The comfort of the chair and the busy fingers helps her to accept this totally "new" situation and allows her to learn and absorb without any pressure. They sang happy birthday to one of the girls and just after that I heard her singing it softly too. So she was most definitely listening. There were a couple of times she looked up and watched what they were doing. So that was great and I was really pleased with this set up.
The ideas is that she will be able to go and sit with the children when mat time starts (as she did on her own last week). But as soon as she gets up (which can be after just a minute) then she can get into her chair and keep her fingers busy.
And the games were also so good. This one was perfect. She has to push the drawing pin in quite hard to get it into the cork. But because there are so many shapes and colours to choose from and a blank cord board to decorate - it encourages creativity wonderfully. The bead one above catered to her desire to do things systematically - with filling each little tray with beads.
While they were busy with morning tea I headed home. I wasn't home long before I got a call from the school. Hannah had complained of a sore stomach and was in the sick room. Because there is a stomach bug going around the school they asked if I could come and fetch her. So she spent a few hours in her bedroom, until 3pm exactly, when school finishes. Then she came out saying she feels better.
Tuesday 17th saw Hannah and I head off at 8am for an appointment with a Homoeopath who had been recommended to us. She did loads of tests and we hope that we have been able to find some key issues that are causing Hannah to be so sensitive to the non-Failsafe foods. Although dairy and wheat are accepted as Failsafe foods, there are some people who find they can't tolerate either. We had noticed that wheat was an issue for Hannah, but the tests today showed that gluten and dairy are both issues for her.
We did come away with a list of foods that she should be able to cope with. So our plan is to get her off dairy and then slowly start introducing the other foods. She will also be on drops for the next 4 weeks to help her body heal. So once healing has happened she will most likely be able to start adding more and more foods back into her diet.
It was such a blessing to be able to leave Asher and Hezekiah at home with Rachel while we were out.
In the afternoon we headed off for Rachel's ballet practice and I wished I had had my camera with. Rachel did one of her routines on point AWAY from the bar. Rachel was the only one comfortable with moving away from the bar when the teacher said they could. Rachel has actually been hoping for this for weeks now. She is doing so well on her point shoes and just loves it.

Wednesday 18th: Josie joined us for our morning at Champion Centre today. It was so nice to see Asher using the above "toy" on her own today. She was able to rock her self so nicely. Previously we had always rocked her. But today she held on nicely and Mariana let go and encouraged her to rock. She loved it.
She again had a really good session with Mariana and tolerated Mariana doing something totally new and different with one of the toys. Previously this would have upset Asher, but today she just ignored her and eventually with encouragement even joined her.
Right: I had to smile while watching Asher with these shapes. She took them off and put them back in her own clear little routine. And obviously put them nicely together in shapes on the table.
Hezekiah made this bird in a nest at preschool today. They had young chooks at preschool on Monday and one of the children had wanted to get a nest for them that he had seen outside. So I think they just used the opportunity to learn about birds and nests.
In the afternoon I ended up leading the Guides session as the leader had to stay home with a sick daughter. Ruth coped with the busy afternoon much better this week than the first week of term. She won't be able to cope with the second session of Karate on Wed evening, but at least she can still go on a Monday.
Late Wednesday evening Shadow decided to go run about when we let her out for a wee. Normally she comes to the door and we hear her when she is ready to come in. This time she found a way out the property. For the first time I just didn't allow it to stress me. The week has been so busy and I was exhausted. So driving around looking for her was just not an option. I was pleased when at 1am I heard her bark and so could go and let her back into the property and into the house. I don't know what she got up to though because she stank so bad.
Thu 19th: Rachel worked this morning and was such a great help and washed Shadow once she was home. It would have put too much strain on my back, so I was really glad she was willing to help with this. Thankfully I got to see my osteopath while the girls where at dance practice in the afternoon - so hopefully my back will just keep improving from here.
Friday 20th: Pink shirt day at school today to support "anti-bulling". Ruth was inspired by the girls "pink day" at Guides on Wednesday, so she really went full out. After I had taken this photo she even found a pink scarf and pink socks to add to the collection.
I headed off at 8 this morning for my appointment with the homoeopath. Again so thankful that Rachel was home with the youngest two. She had a bit of help today as Josie came and watched them for 2 hours so Rachel could get a few jobs done.
As can be expected from the strain of the last 2 1/2 years, my body is really run down. So although the homoeopath wasn't able to pin point a clear area that is causing my body to be so sensitive to foods, she saw enough to start working on healing. We again tested food sensitivities and I also need to be off dairy and gluten. There are also a load of foods that my body should be able to cope with that I can slowly start re-introducing.
Ruth came home with a pizza voucher today. She has been working on it for the last month. She had to read and report in to the librarian on 7 books. Ruth was so excited about getting this done by today as she wanted to give it to me to use on Saturday afternoon. She has such a precious, giving heart.
Saturday 21st: I had a day in town today at a Renew course that Parent to Parent / Altogether Autism was hosting. It was held in this lovely old house, so Ruth asked me to take a photo of it. She said it looked like a castle. It was as cold as one when we first arrived, but thankfully heaters in the two rooms we used managed to warm it up.
I benefited from the day in so many ways. I learnt a lot, but was also really encouraged in so many ways.
It was so good to meet other mothers, who although at different stages, are on very similar journeys.
The course finished at 4 and so I used Ruth's gift to get myself a pizza for dinner for the trip back. It was pouring with rain and really cold out, so a nice warm meal was much appreciated (it was delicious too). I told Ruth I would take a photo as she wanted to know how big it was (it was a Kid's pizza - and the perfect size for me.)
Just for those who were wondering - this was my last day to have a treat, as from this evening I will be going off dairy and gluten for at least a couple of months to help my body heal. I did note on the menu that there are options (with extra cost) for gluten free crust and a dairy free cheese. I decided however to just fully enjoy this "last day treat".
Ruth had so much fun this evening when she found 2 tins of pears - with NO pears. The time stamp on the two was just a minute apart - so there must have been a glitch with the packing machine. She thought it was so funny. Thankfully they weren't our last 2 tins. :-)
Sunday 22nd: Last night Asher hurt her arm and was in so much pain. We put ice on it and I gave her some pain relief so that she could get to sleep. I also called the health line to get their advice on if she needed to be seen by a doctor. Their suggestion was that if she was still in pain in the morning, that we get to the hospital. When she woke she was still unable to use the arm. I couldn't dress her properly and she just let the arm hang (every time she tried to use it, it caused her pain). So we were making plans to have Asher and I dropped at the hospital before the others headed to church.
Amazingly, just 15 minutes before we needed to leave, Brendon picked her up and she put BOTH her arms around him. I noticed her use of the arm and so watched her for a few minutes. She was finally able to use her fingers (she was so upset last night and this morning with not being able to do and undo her pj buttons). Brendon thinks it may have just been really stiff this morning (from her keeping it so still through the night). We were so relieved to see the quick improvement though, and could then change our plans to just head straight to church.
After church Asher had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. It was just minutes before we were going to leave, so the children understood that we would rather just head straight home and not go to a park on the way. It was also very cold out, and I don't think it would have been wonderfully pleasant out of doors. So we headed home and watched a movie together.
Unfortunately Asher had another seizure at around 6:45. She was very restless and eventually vomited. She has had it before where she gets sick after a seizure. Thankfully that did help her to feel better and she got into a good sleep after that and slept through the night.
The last two pictures are of Hezekiah's creation at Sunday school today. It's always so nice to have his excitement at showing us what he did.

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