Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jamboree visit and puppies

Saturday 9th saw Rachel, Hannah and I head off to visit Ruth at Jamboree. It was great to just get to see the size of the campsite. Over 1,400 girls and 400 tents, it is quite something to see.
LEFT: This was the tent that Ruth was in with 3 other girls. 2 of the girls from Malasia.
RIGHT: A fun photo for CBee16.
BELOW: I had been having fun watching the webcam to see what the weather was like (and try and spot Ruth). So I suggested we hang around by the camera over the hour, as each hour a photo is saved. Brendon sent a message saying "I can see you". :-)
Ruth also showed us the catering tents and it was nice to get to spend some time with her.

They had a lot of activities set up for the day with all the visitors attending. The girls were each given 2 free tickets and Ruth gave hers to Hannah to enjoy this racing jumping castle.
One of the girls from Ruth's unit spent most of the time walking around with us. Ruth had a sore ankle, so it was nice that Hannah had someone else to "race" with.
It's huge.
And the final big climb and slide.
We went to the shop and had a look at a few of the other things that were running on the day. Ruth was getting more and more sore though, so we headed back to camp. I asked if she wanted me to give her a piggy back ride. She said yes, and Rachel offered to carry her.
I had gotten a bandage for her earlier, but once we were back at camp I organized some ice. Thankfully after resting for a while the pain eased. I was glad to hear afterwards that she left the bandage overnight and by the morning she didn't have any more pain.
Ruth had put big braids in her hair with the plan to take them out and have nice curls on the first day at Jamboree. It's rather tiring on her arms to do it herself though, so most of the braids were still in. Rachel and I offered to take them out for her. I'm glad we did as her hair looks so pretty when it's loose. And when they went swimming on Monday the girls all commented on how nice it looked. It looks even longer when it's wet.

On our way into town we had dropped Shadow off at Jess (her previous owner) as she had organized a Puppy Catch up for the afternoon. I wasn't sure if we would make it, but thought it would be nice for Shadow to be there.
Jess took this photo at home before they left. These are three of Shadow's kids. From left to right: Fitz, Promise, Corban and then Shadow.
BELOW: The dogs that attended the catch up. Numbered 1-8 from left to right: 7 - Shadow, 1,4,6 - some of Shadow's 5 1/2 month old puppies, 2,3,5,8 - some of Shadow's "grand puppies" who are 7 months old.

With Ruth's sore ankle, we stayed a bit longer at Jamboree and only managed to get to the park 10 minute before the final of the group left. Sow we only got to see 3 of the other dogs. What was really special for me though, was that Jess said she knew that I had arrived and was behind her because of the way Shadow had reacted.
And when we left their home a bit later, it was encouraging to see how happy Shadow was to walk out and jump into our van. I only realized afterwards how nervous I was about Shadow going back to her previous home. One that she had loved for over 4 1/2 years. I'm glad we are making her feel loved and accepted.
Sunday 10th: Asher has discovered these photos that I made many months ago. She loves placing them all out and then packing them away (repeated a couple of times).
In the afternoon Brendon and Hannah headed to the tea rooms for their outing. I had treated Hannah and Rachel to vanilla ice creams on the way home yesterday, so thought we would just continue with the vanilla ice cream challenge for Hannah. The idea is to have a new food (one that is not part of the FAILSAFE elimination diet) and see what the reaction is. Earlier in the week Hannah had tried just 1/2 an apple and unfortunately had a bad reaction. So we are trying to find nice treats that she doesn't react to.
I do still need to work on a post explaining it all in more detail. Sorry for the delay in that for those who are interested in more info. It's on my to do list. :-)

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