Friday, January 8, 2016

Jamboree starts and 3 week old kittens

Monday 4th. Ruth and I made the most of having Dad home today and we got some Purple Panda's made for Ruth to take on Jamboree.
Ruth taught me how to do it and I made a pattern for myself. I needed more than just to be shown once. :-)
These are the cute little pandas that we made.

BELOW: Ruth ended up with 100 swaps. 90 that she had made and 10 badges her brownie leader had given her. The 30 extra purple panda badges just to give away to her unit.

Asher saw me with the camera and kept saying "cheese". So I took a photo of her enjoying her milk kefir ice lolly.
Tuesday 5th: Asher patiently sat today and put all the dominoes back into their correct places. I knew it wouldn't take her too long to get this side of the "game" mastered.

At midday she had a 1 1/2 minute vacant seizure. She went very blue, very quickly, so I was so thankful that it stopped so quickly.
Wednesday 6th: Ruth enjoying a last cuddle before heading off to Jamboree for a week.

She got a lift with another guide from her unit. I had offered to take her to camp myself, but she said she would rather have me pick her up. She felt it would be more emotional to say goodbye at camp. And I think she was very wise in that decision. The other girl had a hospital appointment, so they left before 9:30am. They could only arrive at camp from 1pm, but Ruth was pleased with this arrangement as she said it would help the morning go more quickly. She was so excited about going to Jamboree, and to have to sit around the whole morning waiting to go, would be hard.
BELOW: They have a webcam set up at camp and I happened to spot Ruth this evening. There are 1,400 girls attending, so this was a real treat.

Thursday 7th: We had the kittens out for a bit again today and I put them on Hezekiah to have a little climb.
Friday 8th: I was glad to get this photo of them with Puss so that you can see how much they have grown in 3 weeks.
Asher has started playing "catch" with Hezekiah. I don't think she knows who is chasing who, but has fun running around and screaming in fun. Shadow joins in the fun too.
So sweet. Finally spending more time awake and starting to look at what is going on around them.
We had to smile at this photo. Shadow and Puss lying in the passage, watching the one kitten explore. Shadow so desperately wants to mother the kittens.

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