Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Card, copy, Pastry and puzzles

Sunday 27th - So cute with the little pig tails Ruth put in for her.
Ruth made a special card for Rachel when we went to pick her up after her Regional Competition weekend.
They had a very successful weekend. Their team got a 3rd in Communication, a 2nd in Pair test (Rachel's pair) and a 1st in a Team First Aid test.
This was the first 1st place that Amberley has ever gotten at the Regional Competitions - so they were all very excited.
Well done Rachel.
On Sunday afternoon I made some "clay" with backing soda and cornflour so that I could create the "skeleton" for Hezekiah's dinosaur cake. It was a nice clay to work with, and the kids where pleased that there was enough extra for them to all play with. I wanted to find something that would dry out nicely. I did end up using some wire as well (to make it a bit stronger).

I made it today so that it would have a good week to dry. I was happy with how this stage worked out.
I had a smile this evening as Ruth went to join Asher lying down and watching Wiggles. Ruth decided to copy everything Asher did (Asher didn't seem to even notice).

Ruth was flexible enough for all the moves, it just made us realize how very long her legs are. :-)
Oh - and the jeans Ruth is wearing (which she really liked) have finally split so badly that she has finally thrown them out. ;-)
Asher has decided that she wants to make her puzzles a bit more challenging. So she tips out a few and happily works through the big pile of pieces. She knows the pieces so well that she will pick one up that is upside down and move it towards it spot before flipping it over to put in.
Monday 28th. I have bought a camera off a friend and got to see how nicely it takes portraits today when Rachel needed a photo. She had submitted her application to the National Squad Selection Camp almost as soon as the applications were available, but needed to submit a photo too. So we finally got that done today.
On Friday I had an appointment with a dietician to get some specific guidelines for our FAILSAFE journey and she suggested bringing rice back into the diet.
So I got some rice based gluten free flour and had a go at making sausage rolls. They were very successful and so Rachel offered to make some more.
They really were delicious.
Unfortunately I realized very quickly that I get headaches from rice - so I didn't get to enjoy them as much as the others. Over time we saw some issues with others in the family that seemed to be related to the rice - so it hasn't become a very regular at this stage.
Tuesday 29th: Asher has been working on her threading skills. It's been so much fun to watch her figure it out. She loves sitting and threading shapes onto shoelaces. The holes on the shapes are really small (just the eyes on these animal ones) so she is doing really well with it.
After a great 9 day gap, she had a seizure this morning at 11:15. A 2 min Vacant. She went very blue and stayed very pale afterwards. I called a couple of neighbours to try local the oxygen (we have a few first responders around us).
I ended up having two ladies pop over to give me some encouragement and some oxygen to Asher.
I am again so very thankful for the people we have around us who are always willing to help when things just feel a bit too scary or emotional.

I thought she had pushed it a bit too far this afternoon with the amount of puzzles she unpacked, but she managed fine. ;-)

At 6:15 she had a 17 minute Vacant seizure with Clonic Tonic movements on her face (eyes flickering and eventually her mouth too). Brendon and I sang a few songs to her at times through it, and there were a few times that she squeezed my hand while we sang. So it motivates me to sing to her more often.

Note: On Wednesday 30th at midday, while at the table for lunch, she had a 2 minute "episode" where she was semi-conscious. She went to Ruth and Ruth called me and said "she looks sad". I came over and realized something was up. She couldn't talk to us and we could see in her eyes that something was wrong. Thankfully it didn't last long and then I got a "hi" and request for milk. :-)

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