Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bonfire fun

The girls were so excited when Brendon told them he was going to light the piles today. It was overcast and rain was threatening - so a perfect time for it.
Hezekiah came with a big pile of branches to add to the fire once it was going.
It got quite high.
And as soon as it was burn down, the marshmallows came out.
Then the 2nd one was lit and more added as it burnt.
Although it was still cold outside - it was so warm around the fires that the jerseys quickly came off.
Once Asher was up from her nap she headed out to join in the fun.
The fun for her was trying to help dad add the pile of leaves to the fire.
And then she headed off to collect acorns.
With the smoky fires left to the others to enjoy more marshmallows on.

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