Sunday, May 17, 2015

2nd long seizure and 1st drone sighting

On Saturday evening at 6pm, Asher had a 22 minute seizure. It started as a vacant and she was still able to move her eyes around to follow people and she had some control over her hands. I kept expecting it to stop but it just kept going. Eventually at 15 minutes we thought it had stopped as she took a nice breath.
It continued however into a tonic seizure (eyes up and neck arched back). So at 17 minutes we gave her the medication we give to try and stop longer seizures.
Unfortunately the medication made her a bit "drunk" as it has done a few times in the past. She didn't get her normal recovery sleep and was very restless. I just managed to get the photo on the left as she only sat still for a few seconds and then was off, just constantly trying to find something to perhaps make her feel better.
At least she was ready for bed by 7:30 and she had a good sleep.
This graph shows the pattern over the last 5 weeks. Thankfully it again followed the pattern and she only had the one this week.
On Sunday Ruth and I headed out for afternoon tea. The train arrived just as we were leaving so Ruth took this photo from the Tea Rooms and then we headed over.
We quickly took a couple of selfies but were not able to get one with the train behind us. :-)
We tried another selfie at the train and so someone walking past offered to take a photo for us. :-)
As we were standing there, we heard a strange noise. I looked around and then looked up to what Ruth had noticed. A drone.
What a surprise. At least I could get a nice close up shot to have a nice look at it when we got home.
Ruth asked that we take another selfie at the Station Sign. And it was a nice one. Such a beautiful dark blue sky today.
And then we got to see the guy who was controlling the drone as he landed it.

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