Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lego, Dad and son fun

Saturday 28th: Time to get our Parent Child weekly outings back on track. So Brendon headed off with Hezekiah today.
Lovely that he can have so much fun with something so simple.
Sandpit fun.
He also took his scooter with and enjoyed going down the hill on it. Getting good balance practice.
Ruth got into Lego building today and I found these photos from the day. She asked me to put them on the blog. :-)

Hezekiah was so pleased with her creations.
Then after lunch they headed out to get some pruning done. I had to smile when I saw Brendon using You Tube to look at videos on how to prune the trees and current bushes. He has learnt that from Ruth who is often checking You Tube out for information for things she wants to do (mostly with loom bands). :-)
Making good progress too. They were well overdue for a prune. You can just see on the left an un-pruned bush in the shade.
Sunday 29th: Ruth took this photo of Rachel. She enjoys listening to audio books on the iPod. I have downloaded quite a few now from Christian Audio. Ruth's birthday present for Rachel was asking if she could use her Hobbit game on the iPad again. It had been deleted a long time ago and Ruth put in a request to "give her another chance". It's one of those games that can just such all your time. So Rachel got her "present" early so that she could train Ruth and I so be able to keep her cities going while we is away next weekend. Hopefully it will not become an obsession again. And I think it will be fun for Rachel, Ruth and I to do it together too.
Brooke and Logan have been visiting more often now that it's holidays. The kids all asked Brendon to go and bounce with them (they had already gotten Rachel out there). So he went out too. They were all trying to "crack" Rachel, who was managing to keep herself in a small ball, holding onto her feet.
So much fun - and so exhausting for Brendon. He really went for it in the few minutes he was out there and was still for a couple of days afterwards. ;-)
Asher and I again enjoyed our Sunday evening time together. She loves getting the balls all piled up around her and then has fun throwing them all off.

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