Monday, March 30, 2015

Hobbit Hole Cake Tutorial

Today Rachel and I had one goal - to create her Hobbit Hole Brithday Cake. We were rather pleased with the results. :-)
The rest of the post is for anyone who would like to give it a try themselves and would like some tips.
We made two round cakes. I cut the top one in half and then used that extra to add little triangles to the bottom cake - helping to form a more flowing hill.
Rachel then covered the base with butter icing.
Put some icing on the tray too so that the fondant can stick on there as well.
We then rolled out some green coloured fondant and used this tool to create a bit of a grass effect (rather than it just being totally smooth).
Then use that to cover the bottom cake.
Then add the top cake, cover in butter icing,
and then the fondant.
Then start adding your extras. We added a little chimney, the door and windows, the path, steps and even a little bench. Rachel was basing this on Bilbo's home, so the steps and bench were all copied from "his".
For a nice touch - Rachel wrote "Happy Birthday" in elven writing. We used a licorice pen - so it's edible.
And then around the back she wrote in moon runes. :-)
Then add frames around the windows and door - this does a lot to "finish" it. As well as flowers and pot plants and little tufts of grass.
Rachel was so pleased.

And I put this photo in too, just so that you can clearly see the elf ears Rachel is wearing for the photo. :-)

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