Friday, December 6, 2013

Rubiks cube, sushi and sunset

Hezekiah has gotten into the habit lately of waking earlier than the other children. I am normally up at 5:30 and he will often come through just after 6. As I enjoy this time in the mornings to read - I told him he would have to just sit and read his own books if he was up this early. So he brings his blankets and enjoys a few books.
A couple of months back I bought Ruth a Rubiks cube as a thanks for helping me with Asher on our town trip. I think I am the one that has enjoyed it most though. Brendon often smiles when he sees Hannah get excited when she spots it "fixed" because then she has a play. Her favourite thing is to change all the centres. She can't fix it from there but Rachel has managed to work that one out. I love seeing it all jumbled up because then I get to restore it to it's starting position. I remember following the instructions in our book to fix it when I was a child and so I have now enjoyed learning how to fix it on my own.
Brendon has started leaving the puppies out for most of the day. Their favourite spot to sleep is under something on the deck.
I have really been enjoying getting reading time in the afternoons when Asher goes down for her nap. She normally spends a bit of time playing in her cot before she goes to sleep - so I am forced to get something done outside my room.
I love this time of general reading and have started reading all 3 of these books. All of which I have started before but never finished. It's been great to take notes as I go along and I can see how much that is helping me to finally make changes in areas that I have wanted to for a long time. It's amazing how little changes can help so much with daily issues and can bring so much joy.
We finally have collars for the dogs when I got into town this week. The dogs look so similar that it helps us to spot them easily. I love how Hezekiah plays with them.
It's so nice that they can grow up with little children giving them so much love like this. They are so patient with him.
Hannah getting some cuddle time too. Hezekiah and Hannah spend hours outside with the puppies. Hezekiah has started joining in with us at night during our prayer time and every night he will say "thank you God for the puppies". As well as for the swimming pool. So hopefully we will get there regularly enough this summer.
Another item I finally got was some sushi items. Just the seaweed and rolling mat was enough to make these tuna and cucumber ones. Ruth is thrilled as she just loves sushi. I was really pleased to find my normal rice worked well. Not bad for a first attempt. The key is perhaps cooling the rice off in a wooden bowl. So I ended up using my cutting board this time. I will have to make a plan to find a wooden bowl at some point.
I also bought a bigger mould for these man sized ones. It worked really well and the girls are really excited about giving it a try on Saturday.
Brendon and Alby did a load of wood after work today but as we have a busy weekend I suggested rather getting a 2nd load in after the youngest children had gone to bed. So they went off at 7:30 with Rachel along to help. They actually preferred working when it was a bit cooler.
As they were finishing with the offloading at 9pm I saw this magnificent sky. I thought of Rachel as it looks to me like a horse rearing up.
I then turned around and saw this!
What a magnificent sunset.

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