Thursday, October 24, 2013


Monday 21: Brendon was not feeling great after dinner and so lay down on the couch. It was so sweet to see Hezekiah jump up next to him and lie with him - in exactly the same position. I couldn't resist getting a photo.
Hezekiah has a wonderful example to follow and if he grows up to be like his Dad I will be very pleased.
Hezekiah giving the cat some corn chips. Tomatoes were a great price this week and so we had Tacos for dinner again. The girls love getting soft Taco wraps but we had some corn chips to go with it too. At first Hezekiah was not very pleased with the look of this different food but soon remembered his love for tomatoes. I think we are all looking forward to summer and lots of salads when the price starts staying lower.
Wed 23rd: I love watching babies look at other babies. So much fun.
Hannah and Ruth were thrilled to find matching tops in the last box of clothes we were given (and pants for Hannah that match ones Ruth had gotten previously). I still remember dressing up in matching clothes with a friend of mine. Such fun memories and such special sweet children.
The girls are just so excited about going to church camp on Friday. Not many photos taken this week but I am sure we will make up for it this weekend.

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