Sunday, February 10, 2013

A weekend of wood and waiting

I was so relaxed and well rested when I woke on Saturday morning. I slept in a bit longer and when I woke again baby was moving and I got myself a bit stressed out because I could not feel baby's head in the pelvis. The last thing I wanted was baby to turn again. So I spent some time in prayer just settling my heart before God and then called Sandy. She came over right away. Yes, baby was higher - but by the time she got here (perhaps after my time on my knees in prayer) baby was back in the pelvis. Perhaps not as low as 2 or 3 days ago - but still head down. It was a good time of refocusing myself though and really putting ALL my trust in God.
I had asked Rachel to just keep the younger ones entertained with some TV (Wiggles and Barnie keep Hezekiah happy) - mainly to keep Hannah quiet though. She is the real live wire and I just needed a little bit of quiet. It was so sweet to see Hezekiah sitting on Ruth's lap watching Barnie though.
Brendon was home from work by lunch time and I was feeling so much better. I even decided to get a batch of rusks on the go. Having a batch or rusks made before baby arrived was definitely not something I thought would happen. What a lovely treat.
Brendon had organized to borrow a log splitter and so got started on that in the afternoon. Hezekiah was more than happy to play on the "tractor" while he worked.
Lots of wood needs splitting. One advantage though is that it looks a lot more once it's split.
Brendon took Hannah for "tea" last weekend but we decided to rather rotate completely. So instead of him and I having 3 weeks in a row - we swap every week too. Brendon suggested this so that I could have some time out and get out with Ruth.
The latest treat is ice cream sundaes. Ruth had a caramel one today. A lovely treat on such hot days.
A trip to the pool was definitely needed today. So good to cool off. Hezekiah now happy to not cling onto Brendon's hands so that he can get thrown up nice and high.
Hannah even put her whole head under the water today. Well done Hannah.
The pool trip was especially enjoyed by Brendon and I who had done some wood splitting in the afternoon. We posed for this photo (the give away - no gloves). After the younger children went to bed Brendon and I headed out again. We got a good amount done but then both felt more than ready to call it quits.
Sunday morning we got splitting nice and early to get some done before it got too hot. By 10 we were in for morning tea. Enjoyed watching a great message on God's love and then had a really relaxing afternoon.
Brendon took the children to the pool while I got some more acupuncture done. This baby is just way too comfy inside but we are doing all we can to make sure my body is ready. Sandy has visited a few times too (including this morning) but I will leave all those bits of info for my birth story. :-) At this point it's just great to know baby is well and we just need to patiently wait for little one's arrival.
After the swim I suggested Brendon and I get some splitting done before the children went to bed. It was great to get through the last of the rings and still be able to have time to relax in the evening.
Most of the children sat watching some TV while eating their dinner. Once Ruth was finished eating she came out to help. She is such a helpful child. She had loads of fun climbing on top of the pile to get the cover over. It may rain in the days ahead - so we wanted it done and covered.
It's been a great 2 weeks for the girls and their jobs with all of them getting their chocolates for the last two weeks. I made sure I got new lists printed out in the evening just in case baby decided to arrive overnight.

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