Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So good to be home

I forgot to load this video from last week Wednesday 23rd Jan - 39 weeks. Just to give you an idea of how much this baby moves around. I had not had anything sweet to eat and we had already tried to take a few videos before this which did not work as well. So baby is active like this for a good amount of time. 
Tuesday 29 Jan: The girls were thrilled to be able to show me all that they had learned at the pool today. On Sunday Brendon had taken them all down and Hannah was petrified of the water. So swim week unfortunately had a very negative effect on her. Thankfully Ruth's togs ripped and so Brendon was looking for others for her in our bag and saw this purple blow up swimming costume that Ruth used a couple of years back.
So even though she was not even wanting to get into the small pool on her own on Sunday - Brendon managed to get her into the big pool with him and show her how she can float. It's great to see her having so much fun in the water now and it's much easier for Brendon as he does not have to keep two children afloat. On Sunday she even jumped into the deep end. She obviously came popping up straight away - but for her to get her head under the water - by choice - was a great step.
I don't think she was terrible thrilled with the experience and was not interested in jumping in and going under again today. It's so great to see her relaxed and having fun though.
I had a really good day. I made a quick list of all the jobs that I would like to have done (even little ones) and it was so nice to have almost all of them done. Just updating my blog and cleaning my desk were left on my list.
And to be honest - cleaning my desk has been on the "list" for ages.....
Wednesday 30 Jan: I got the girls new schedules done yesterday (took the photo today).
I did not have time to draw all those lines again so went to the quickest and easiest option - my computer. We have master lists now that we can change around as we like. It's always so nice to see the girls all excited when a new list gets put up. They always seem to work really quickly - especially that first day.
Hezekiah has been enjoying pushing prams around with Hannah lately. I have to laugh though when I hear him making car sounds as he goes.
Unfortunately Brendon came home with a head cold today so no trip to the pool today. It was so sweet to watch Hezekiah lie with Dad and "read" him a story.

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