Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hezekiah is 1

Wed 3 October. One today!!!
Getting the hang of unwrapping a present. With a little help from Dad. If we let the sisters help he would get no unwrapping done himself. This stacking toy from Gogo looked so nice though that he was not really interested in unwrapping the other presents.

So we let Hannah have a look at those and get him interested in the next bit of paper.
Even though we were heading off for church camp after lunch and would be having his cake the next day - we enjoyed some of the off-cuts for morning tea.
Hezekiah was not really interested in the cake. One he had tasted a pebble (smarties) that was all he was interested in.

He loved the look of his cake though. Even when he saw it yesterday the colours obviously looked really appealing and the lovely smile on his face when he saw it was just so precious.
Cake time on Thursday after lunch. What a big crowd to sing "Happy Birthday".
He was not even that put off with the very loud volume.
The photo on the left captures (although poor in photo quality) his happy little face.
And then the photo on the right (nicely in focus this time) captures his coy little smile as someone is talking to him.
We missed camp last year because he was just a new born - so it was great to get to meet up with everyone again and for most of them to meet Hezekiah for the first time.
Ruth then asked if she could hand the cake out. So off she went - as happy as can be. She is so pleased to be old enough (and strong enough) to help do more things. What a blessings she is.

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