Friday, September 28, 2012

New to do

Monday 24th - what a beautiful day. I just love seeing the children having fun making up all different games out there. And I love how Hezekiah is fitting into those games now too. Nothing like a box of toys you don't see much to keep you busy for an hour or so. :-) And I just love how Hannah will enjoy time playing on her own even though the sisters are around. She loves their company but is also happy to go for a swing or a play in the garden on her own.
Ruth came in showing me her new "pet". She new it was a slug and could tell Hannah a bit about it. They enjoyed watching it leave it's trail all over Ruth's hand as well as watching it's eyes going in and out. Thankfully Ruth realized it was starting to get dry and so returned it to the garden.
I love the seedling trays we bought with lids. We have not had to worry about watering them twice a day this week - hardly even one a day actually.
After one week we already have a little seedling up and a few more that are close.
The trays are nicely protected from any cold winds or frosts. They are in the hot house under a plastic cover. Hopefully it's not too warm for any of the seedlings in there.
Ruth is always so pleased when Tuesday comes around and early in the morning you will hear her say "it's ballet today".
Rachel was meant to return the first Lord of the Rings movie to the library when she went to fetch post, then when she went to ballet - and forgot both times.
So on Wednesday she asked Christine if they could take a ride up there. Movie finally returned and she had a nice different ride.
A while back she had borrowed The Hobbit from Noortjie and so when she was finished with that she asked if she could read Lord of the Rings. She is onto the 2nd book already. I think she was hoping to have all 3 read by camp next week - but will have to be content with having started the third book by then. It will probably be the book she reads while we travel.
We have all had a really good week. One main reason was my new "to do list". The back of the kitchen counter is not used for anything and so I decided to try something different - and have a BIG to do list for everyone for the week. It's paper - so we can just make a new one for next week and change things around as we figure out what works best for us. It helps to not worry about having it "all worked out" before you even get started. Just get started. :-)
One of the nicest things has been putting a heart on for doing something special for someone. It's been lovely to see everyone looking out for things they can do for someone else.
I got a bit stressed on Friday as we went to play centre and that meant there were a few gaps in the daily things that I would like to get done. It was a great lesson for me though - to really trust in the Lord and the fact that I am doing all things for Him. The to-do-list is not where satisfaction comes - it's from knowing I have pleased the Lord. And some days that may mean not getting things done - but showing love and grace and kindness.
Thank You Lord for the lessons and for the changes You are making in my life.

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