Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dairy Busy weekend

Nice to get a photo of the "baby bump" on Saturday morning. 19 weeks now. It will be interesting to see how this bump grows over the next few weeks and months and see the changes with the peach tree and berry bush behind me.

It was lovely to have an afternoon visit at the Spencers. I left Hezekiah at home with Dad and took the girls up to fetch Rachel after her sleep over. Grace turned 12 and this was her birthday treat. It sounds like they had a very special time.
The younger girls were thrilled that they got to benefit too. They had some play dough fun and then just got into a whole lot of other games too. What a lovely treat for us all. It actually felt quite strange going for a longish drive without Hezekiah (they are about half an hour from us - up in the mountains).
On Sunday Hezekiah got his first hair cut. The photo on the right shows you how long it was. It was especially around the ears that was starting to bother Brendon. No long haired boys in this house. :-)
I let him feel the vibrations of the clippers before I started and he sat so well. He then sat in his pram and watched Dad have his hair shaved off. We used a number 2 attachment for Hezekiah - so at least his hair has been left a bit longer than Brendon's who does not have an attachment at all.
We had a dairy busy weekend with yogurt, butter and mozzarella cheese being made.
The plain yogurt is a bit of an adjustment for the girls - so they put some strawberry flavour on. I am sure they will get used to it quickly though.
I have a really quick mozzarella recipe which I tried for pizza today. I make a double batch and think I did not heat it up quite enough so the texture was not exactly right.
It still tasted good.
We stuck to a girls favourite - bacon and pineapple and Rachel is tolerating the addition of mushrooms. :-)
We also made enough so that we have extra pizza ready in the freezer for another day.

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