Friday, September 7, 2012

11 months and on the go

Here come fun and games. Hezekiah has discovered that he is now tall enough to get a knee up onto these chairs and so can manage to climb up. When I picked up the camera he was just kneeling. Standing like this while I took the photo and then by the time I put the camera down next to me he had let go and was standing without holding on. I think he has seen Hannah singing on these (as her stage) and he decided he wanted to join her. It even looked like he wanted to dance a bit too while up there.
Then he discovered that the kitchen step was nice and easy to climb on too. No back to help him stand - so for now he seems happy to just kneel on it and be that little bit higher so he can watch what I am doing.

On Wednesday I took his 11 month photos. So standing very confidently at this stage and perhaps willing to take just one or two steps.

It's getting a bit more tricky to get a sitting pose. He is not one to sit still for long. :-)
Time for a monthly children photo again.
Hezekiah sure does love eating bananas. And now that we just give it to him to eat he is so pleased.

I finally took a photo of the beautiful flowers I get to look at our my kitchen window.
On Thursday we did BBQ pork chops for our shared meal before Bible Study. Ruth likes helping Dad with the meat.
And who says you need a fancy toy from the library to get walking practice. A deck and plastic chair work fine. :-) He enjoyed being out there with Dad and the girls too. It did start cooling off a bit though.
On Friday the girls had breakfast at Play Centre IN THEIR PAJAMAS. Hannah as been looking forward to this the whole week. And boy did she eat. She had a small bowl of ricies (rice krispies) when she got up (otherwise she would never have made it to 9:30) and then had corn flakes, ricies and weetbix (and a 2nd bowl of corn flakes later). The highlight was using some of the left over cupcake decorations in the cereal. 100s and 1,000s make a lovely little addition to cereal and add to the excitement and special memories created.

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