Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So much water

It has been raining a LOT and we regularly have these little ponds around the house now.
The ditch along the main road was FULL. Look just on the other side of the row of trees (our hedge).
And to give you an idea of how much water that is - here is a photo of the ditch without all that water. So you can understand our surprise when we saw that it was full. I am glad it did not block up anywhere - otherwise our garden would have been flooded. As it is it's been far too long since it got cleared out. There are sections higher up in the road that are really blocked up with growth. Apparently it's the council's job to keep it clear. So hopefully they do get to it soon.
And on Wellington Road side there was also a constant stream. It's the fullest we have seen this area too.
Not nearly as deep as on High street - but still quite a change.
And while I was taking photos from inside today - I remembered to take a photo of Ruth's "grass head". She got this for her birthday and had so much fun watching the grass grow. Yesterday she put a parting in her hair. :-)

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