Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 months, pizza and hair

10 month photo shoot (finally on Thursday 9th). Standing well with a little help from the chair. He likes standing but always wants a hand on someone or something to give him the confidence.
Sitting with his teddies. Ok - some borrowed from his sisters. Boys don't need all that many teddies. :-)
And the monthly children photo.
On Saturday we made pizza again. This time with the girls favourite - bacon and pineapple. Aunty Joyce had made little pizzas at play centre yesterday and they were SO good it inspired today's meal. I decided also to allow the girls to make their own "smaller" pizzas - although they ended up being a bit big for both of them. Hannah made a nice pineapple H and Ruth made a pineapple R. They were both willing to try a bit of mushroom on too. Eventually with the last one I made I chopped up the mushroom really finely and that was even nicer.
I have been slowly working on Ruth's hair over the last few months. The last time I got it all tightened was before we left for SA. It's taking me a while to get through it all - but it always looks so nice when it's been tightened.
A nice one with her pretty face.
A close up of how much nicer it looks when the braids are done all the way down (on the left). There was at least 5cm to tighten.

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