Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ruth is 6

Always exciting to get presents early in the morning. Such a treat this year to have a present (actually two) from Gogo and Oupa Jimmy as they had sent them back with is in Feb. Ruth has known that this "box" was her present from us since Hannah's birthday as she got a very similar one. We got two boxes full of toys with Rose Cottage and sorted them specifically for each of the girls for their birthday presents.
Ruth was thrilled - and the other children had fun too looking through all the new things.
Some of the real hits were the cake (with changeable decorations)
and the tea set.
After the friends were done with school for the day they headed over for the party. So nice to have her party on her birthday.
Blowing out the candles was a bit more tricky than she thought it would be. :-)
And I thankfully remembered to get a photo of the INSIDE of the cake. It's never been important before - but this was a special one - with the rainbow theme continued within. The pink cake was even strawberry flavoured and was my favourite. :-)

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