Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday weekend

Brendon had taken Friday off so that he could take the girls up to Hamner Springs. This was what Ruth wanted to spend her money from Grandpa and Nana on. She has wanted to go back to the hot pools for ages now - so it was a real treat for her. It was a treat for me to get to sleep in. Once I was awake I had a few visitors though..... :-)
We had decided it would not be worth taking Hezekiah to the pools with the 2 hours of traveling and the fact that some of the pools would just be too hot for him and others I would not be allowed in. So he and I stayed home. I had gotten this "trolley" thing from the toy library but as it can be made into 3 different toys I had to undo the whole thing and re-build it into the form we wanted. Hezekiah had fun helping me though. And he very quickly learnt to push it along.
The other item I got from the toy library was on request from the girls. This "carriage". Hezekiah is going to have so much fun in this - and I love that the girls enjoy pulling him around.
Although I am writing this blog post over a month later - and don't have too much memory of specifics - I am glad I got this photo in the evening. What a special family I have. Each one such a blessing to me.

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