Monday, June 4, 2012

Queen's birthday?

Hannah could not wait to get out to the slide this morning. :-)
Christine has bought the house over the road from us and started moving in this weekend. Her horses now spend most of their time in the field over the road - so even closer to us. Rachel loves being able to look out and see them from the house now.
Auto does spend the nights in the stable though (as he is rather old) - so Christine tells Rachel when to leave him up there or bring him down. She still rides a few times every week but does most of her riding bareback. She even does jumps bareback and updates me regularly on how she is doing. The idea is that the more bareback riding she can do the better her balance and control will be. It will be lovely for me to finally get to see her riding again some time. I am sure the difference is going to be so noticeable.
The red meat item on today's menu was a lamb roast. It was DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks so much Sarah.
As it was Queen's Birthday weekend this weekend (in NZ) it was a holiday here on Monday. So we did not invite anyone around for dinner but just enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon together. Even though Brendon worked till after lunch time - it still felt like a holiday and I had to keep reminding myself that the next day was Tuesday - not Monday. :-)

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