Friday, December 2, 2011

Pool and pattern

We headed off to the pool again this afternoon. The girls were excited about seeing the "Westpac Choppa". Unfortunately the negative side of that was that someone actually needed it. We saw the helicopter and an ambulance at the rugby field on our way past and then as we were getting out at the pool we heard it take off.
We had a lovely time at the pool. The temperature was up to 25 today and after the others had been in for a while I decided I would also get a few lengths done. Hezekiah and I had been sitting in the sun as it was after 5:30 and I knew it would just be healthy exposure. It was so good for us both to get some sun. He was so happy there he just lay there with a friend while I had a swim.
I had started to keep track of Hezekiah's feedings times last weekend as often Brendon would ask me "when last did he drink" and I would have to sit thinking about it. So it was a good way of keeping track and also of seeing any patterns. What it did make me aware of though was that he has just hit a growth spurt and so instead of going 2 1/2 or 3 hours between feeds he all of a sudden just needed to be fed every 2 hours. Hopefully things settle again soon. I am just so amazed that at 2 months he is still only feeding from one side at each feed. No matter how much I try to encourage him to take more - especially with this growth spurt. But he can clearly only manage one side at a time for now. So much for this HUNGRY BOY that will have such a HUGE appetite. Perhaps it's still coming. :-)

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