Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walk, wiggle and sWim

Hezekiah does really well at falling asleep on his own at nap time - even without a dummy (which I am thrilled about). The only problem is that often his tummy wakes him up half way through nap. Often the easiest way to help him get back to sleep is for us to "go for a walk". The treadmill is great because I can walk for as long or short as I want and don't have to walk 1,4km to get to a nice smooth walking surface. Sometimes he will be fast asleep within minutes and then I can stop when I want and get some other things done.
Hezekiah not only wiggles up in his cot on his back - he wiggles forward while on his tummy.

And check out the beautiful moth we spotted today.
It's been lovely and hot and so we headed down to the pool for the first time this season. The water was only 21 - so chilly for us parents. The girls had fun though (and Brendon did do a few lengths when he finally got in). Ruth is already tall enough to stand in the "big pool" so she will have swimming lessons in the big pool in January which she is very excited about.
Hezekiah and I sat in the shade. Even at 4:30 it was still really hot.

Hannah was thrilled that her friend Violet was there.

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