Friday, October 7, 2011

Lots of photos and a funny song

Hannah up early again today and just so pleased with her little brother.
She is pleased that Dad was home this whole week too. She has enjoyed having him around to read to her. That was the one advantage of a wet week - keeping Brendon indoors. If it had been dry he would have felt obliged to get out do gardening. So it was nice to have him home and indoors. :-)
Hannah enjoying some cuddle time with Hezekiah before heading off to Music and Movement. Dad took the younger girls today (along with a book for himself to read).
And while they were out we were surprised by a visit from Lynn. She had knitted Hezekiah a beautiful jersey and had some other lovely presents for him too. We ended up having a nice long visit and catch up. Lynn always enjoys hearing all of Rachel's news and Rachel always loves a good long chat with Lynn.
I tried to get a nice photo with Rachel and Hezekiah but he was a little squashed up in this one.
Thankfully there was lovely sun this morning for him. His jaundice is looking a lot better but his eyes are still yellow. Maureen did tell me that they would take a while to clear though.
After lunch it was a bit cooler but he still got a few rays. Froggy legs again. :-) And sleeping with his arms up - just like Rachel and Hannah did.
I even got a little nap with him this afternoon.
Unfortunately there are many fuzzy photos from this last week. And it's not only Rachel who is having to learn how to get the new camera to focus nicely. :(
How I laughed when I heard and then saw these two. Hannah just loves "Somewhere over the rainbow" and Ruth learnt this accompaniment from one of Andre Rieu's concerts. :-)

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Thanks for sharing - especially LOVE the video! :)