Friday, June 17, 2011

Curls and castles

A very cold start to today at around -4 and it just did not seem to want to warm up. I took this photo at 10am - with the frost still covering the lawn. We headed out to Music and Movement and it was still freezing cold - only 1 degree at 10:30. So understandably Music and Movement was not well attended.

Hannah was excited about showing Sarah her curls though. Just a little spray of water and the curls appear. So beautiful.

We also made our fortnightly stop at the toy library and I chose a castle for the girls (especially for Hannah for her room time). Although it may seem a strange toy for girls - they have had so much fun with it today.
After lunch Rachel made a cake as a thank you for their ballet teacher (exam practice happening this Sunday) and then I got busy with a HUGE batch of Babotie. Another 4 meals in the freezer brings the total up to 24. It's lovely having the freezer so well stocked with meals. And although we won't keep them all for when baby comes they have given me a good start. As the weeks go I will use a couple and make a couple more.

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