Tuesday, June 14, 2011

24 weeks

I was 24 weeks on Sunday and can't believe I can already feel baby pushing against my RIBS!!!! I took another photo of my "bump" while lying down and have superimposed the 20 week photo I took. So you can see how much growth there has been from this angle in just 4 weeks. It was lovely to have Maureen come for a visit again today and when she saw how high my uterus is she commented that baby has had a real growth spurt this last month. She wrote in my notes "Babe is palping on the bigger side but not concerned." So after having a good feel of baby she agreed - it looks like this is going to be a BIG boy!
Again it was just lovely chatting to her. She ended up staying for 2 hours. Brendon came home a little early so he could take the older two to ballet. At least they had already gotten to share their news with Maureen. Hannah then became her helper with listening to baby's heart and she had lots of questions. I love how Maureen is with children (no wonder as she has 10 of her own). She chats away with them and answers all their questions.
It was so good for me to chat through things with Maureen. Hannah spent a lot of the time upstairs watching a Barnie movie - so I had the freedom to just talk about everything that was on my mind. Maureen also agreed that often the bigger babies are easier to deliver (such great relief to hear that knowing this baby is growing so much). When baby is heavier he can help push down and get dilation happening quicker. Baby is also an active part in the labour and so a bigger, stronger baby "helps" more. I also know that all these Braxton Hicks contractions that I have already been having are also helping as they strengthen my muscles and get everything ready for the birth. I had read on-line that ladies with bigger babies often do have more Braxton Hicks contractions - and so perhaps that is also why the regular testimony is that the bigger babies are easier - those muscles have been working so much more in preparation. It was good to be able to set my mind at ease about all the contractions that I have been having. I have not doubted the fact that they are Braxton Hicks and not labour - but some days it feels as though my tummy is in a permanent contraction for all the hours that I am up. Often the only way to get my tummy to relax is to lie down. So perhaps we need to get into the habit of doing some reading on my bed every day. :-)

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Very clever Belinda! I see now what you needed the Gimp help with. I love that you've done this superimposition! Quite a big growth spurt, phew...looking great.