Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting News

I did not get to tell you what Rachel's exciting news was yesterday. I got a call in the morning letting me know that Rachel had won in the MasterChef MasterClass competition. The closing date was last Wednesday and they had said they would contact the winners on the Friday. So we were thrilled to get a call this morning. Rachel had submitted 3 photos for an extra chance of winning and it was one of her photos that got her into the top 12. The photo may be in the Sunday Star Times this week - so I will try and get a copy. Rachel is SOOOOOO excited. The plan is that Rachel and I will fly up to Auckland on Friday afternoon, 24 June, and stay the night at the Heritage Hotel. She will attend a MasterClass with Anna Gare on Saturday morning and then we have decided to spend an extra night in Auckland with friends. The competition organizes will book our tickets and so we wait to get final details on our flights. Rachel has been loving watching Junior MasterChef on Prime and so this is a wonderful treat for her (and me).
Although it's not new "news" it was new to Maureen yesterday - Ruth was pleased to show her that she had her belly button fixed. I include the photo that I took before she went in so that you can see the change. Her skin is still a bit marked and dry from the plasters she had on - so we need to get more oil on there.
I think we were all a bit surprised that her belly button still stuck out - we probably all expected it to go in. So it was great to show Ruth the photos from the side to show her how much smaller it is. And for me it's great to know that it's all sealed up nicely INSIDE. We will still have a follow up appointment with the surgeon sometime in the next few months (after Monday's earthquakes that may be a bit later than originally planned) to make sure that things are nice and closed internally.
Hannah did not want to be left out of the news - so here is a photo of her from today. Her hair is getting nice and long now - it can even get into one ponytail. Her head is still rather yellow from her bump but I think that is going to be something we have to get used to with Hannah - lots of bumps and bruises. She really is our little adventurous one - at least for now. Soon she will have a partner in crime I am sure.

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