Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tastes - food and clothes

It was lovely to have the sun come out this morning and the wind early morning really helped dry the grass out nicely. So I asked the girls to help me cut the grass. I cut with the ride-on and they do the little bit of racking and picking up that's needed. There is not much growing, so not too much work for them but the results are lovely. Nothing like a freshly cut lawn. They enjoyed a picnic lunch and I spoilt them with a berry yogurt shake to go with it. A spoil for them but actually just so that I could get something in my stomach. I don't feel much like eating today.
Hannah on the other hand shocked me with another of her strange eating habits that I discovered today. Rachel and Ruth will apparently often make her this lettuce wrap. Freshly picked spring onion, parsley and chives wrapped in fresh leaves of lettuce. Enjoy! Well not for me that is.... Where did we get her. Our real little rabbit. :-)

One big advantage to knowing that we have a boy on the way is that Brendon can finally get his wish - to give away all the pink baby things and all the clothes that Hannah is growing out of. I did do a really good sort out and give away after Hannah outgrew her baby things. Just keeping the really nice things. So we sorted through that bag and took out all the things that were "neutral" (white, green and yellow). I even had some almost brand new blue things that Nana had given to us before we left SA. She has been hoping for another grandson since I was pregnant with Hannah. :-)
We still had a nice big bag of baby girl clothes to give away. I had also sorted through Hannah's 1 - 2 year clothes so went through all those bags too. There were many dresses and pink things - so they all got put together for giving away too. Now don't misunderstand. The Lord may give us more daughters in the future - we don't know what His plan is. For now though - we are happy to let someone else use what has been stored for so long. A lot of the clothes were worn by Ruth too - so after almost 5 years I think we have gotten good use out of them (and stored them long enough).
Just look at all the shoes the girls had in their cupboard (not to mention the stored ones I had). And 90% of these were given to us. Hannah was so excited about showing Dad her cupboard when he got home. No more searching for matching shoes or shoes that fit. Rachel also went through the two bags of clothes that we have stored for her. Friends had given us clothes but their girls are quite a bit bigger than Rachel. It's interesting to note that in a year her tastes have become more clear and although she felt she should keep these clothes when we were given them, today she only kept about a quarter of the clothes. At least she is honest and knows what she will enjoy wearing and what she knows she never will. So our storage area is getting nicely sorted. Now to just find a home for all the baby girl and little girl clothes.

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