Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New hair style and a shiny sink

This morning I asked Ruth if she wanted me to put french plates (braids) in her hair. She sat listening to a Correspondence School CD while I quickly put them in. Quickly because it only took between 30 and 60 min (I did not even really pay attention). It was just so pleasant for both of us. So nice to have something different for her and so nice that it did not hurt. She even had a lovely smile for me at the end of it (normally there are a few tears). So we are both thrilled. :-)
Last night Brendon and I spent some time getting the sink shiny and clean again. It's been a few months since I had it like this permanently. The morning sickness really threw things out but things are slowly getting back to how I would like them. It's Rachel's job to do dishes (she does have a dishwasher to help her) and we were hoping that giving her this shiny start might inspire her to keep it up. Well so far - so good. When Brendon got home he immediately noticed the shiny sink - still shiny after breakfast and lunch dishes. Rachel was really pleased that he noticed (Brendon does not notice much with regard to things that are clean or dirty) so I think that gave her even more motivation to keep it up. :-)

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