Monday, May 9, 2011

Lovely day for all

So while we were in town the girls stayed with Julia. They had a wonderful time and a highlight for Rachel and Ruth was when the neighbour brought her pony around for the girls to have a ride. What a wonderful treat. And thanks Julia for all the lovely photos.
I will include a few photos as this was really just so much fun for them.
It was so nice for Brendon and I to have a day in town to ourselves too. After the scan we got started on some shopping. We had done everything in the shopping centre but the groceries by around 11:30 and I suggested we share a piece of cheesecake and a coffee before we did the groceries. I knew we would both be hungry by 12. So we sat enjoying our treat and I felt a little rumble. I asked Brendon if he had noticed it but he hadn't. He looked around though and did notice a couple of hanging boards swaying a bit. When we were at the bank a little later the man we were chatting to in the queue asked if we had felt the aftershock earlier. I could say "yes" and was glad I had not just imagined it. :-)
The bank visit was to get a bank check to pay for Ruth's new passport application. So that's another step taken care of. It's amazing how just getting inside a bank was something we had to really organize. So glad it's done though, one step closer to getting everything sent off.
Once the groceries and bank were done we headed off for lunch. We had spoken about getting Chinese food but Brendon has seen too many KFC adds lately and was craving some of their chicken pieces. Thankfully the two were opposite each other and so he got his KFC and we ate at the chines shop.
I ordered a second meal to take home because I knew Ruth would love to have some Chinese food again. She really enjoys it. Rachel doesn't though - so I did buy a frozen pizza too. I had not even eaten half mine at lunch so we had more than enough for dinner and I did not even need to heat the 2nd pizza I had bought.
Originally we would have had to make sure we were back by 3 for Rachel's Guides. Unfortunately her leader got sick and the assistant leader is away - so Guides was cancelled. That ended up working nicely for us though because Brendon and I could really just take our time everywhere and just enjoy the day together. We did get back to Brian and Julia by 3 but when we arrived Julia told us that Ruth had asked her "please give Mum and Dad a cup of tea because then we can play more". So we spent at least an hour chatting and enjoying their company (as we always do).
The girls always have such fun when they visit Julia. Hannah was excited to show me that she had learnt how to use the scissors and glue.
The girls had been working on little cushions during the day and while we had our tea Ruth sat sewing away. She sewed a button onto a little flower that she had made and only needed a bit of help to end it as the thread was too short.

I forgot to tell you that when we arrived at Julia the first thing Rachel said was "So? Did you find out?" Brendon had anticipated this and so I just let him play with her a while. (Find out what? ect) He did eventually tell her though and she was just THRILLED. So at least Dad won't need to add Tiger into the family to not be the only male anymore.
It was funny how both cats wanted to cuddle with Dad this evening. 

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