Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lazy Saturday

With cold wet weather it made us all lazy today. Although Brendon did get out early this morning and get a couple of hours work done in the vegetable garden before the rain started. So at least he felt he had done something today. He did actually also get the girls vacuuming and doing some extra cleaning up and I got a load of washing hung up above the fireplace. That helped us all feel better about watching a movie in the morning and in the afternoon. :-)
By the time the rain had stopped it was too late to get into the garden again - so Brendon contented himself with a nice quiet lazy day indoors. I made scones for afternoon tea with jam and cream - so that was a nice treat. That allowed us to have dinner an hour later than normal. While having dinner (after 6pm) we watched the fog rise over the field. At first it was really low - right on the ground - but eventually it was up this high. It was really beautiful to watch.

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