Friday, May 6, 2011

Last minute invite

Hannah was thrilled to get invited to go home with Olivia after Music and Movement this morning. She had lunch there and Brendon picked her up when he was done with work. This gave Ruth and I some extra quiet time to work on her latest school project - a My Body poster. She had so much fun. It was especially nice to have this to do this afternoon as it was so wet outside the whole day.
Brendon was home early - just before 3pm - which was lovely for him. Thankfully he kept Hannah occupied while Ruth finished off the painting. Before she painted we drew the outline of the other family members on the page too. Dad only just fitted on.
At dinner we asked the girls what they would like to do together as a family and Ruth suggested bowls. What a good idea. Dad was too good and had to start playing with his left hand. He still got his balls all really close but we were all so impressed when Hannah won two rounds.
The girls had so much fun with this and I am sure it will be a regular game through the winter with such short days.
This evening while watching American Idols the baby was so active. Kicking on and off for almost 2 hours. It was lovely as Brendon got to feel a few kicks too.

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