Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resurrection Cookies in the oven

Brendon was home after lunch today and decided to get the grass cut. It does not grow much at all through summer as it's so dry but the extra bit of rain we have had over the last month or two has helped get things lovely and green. Even though there was not much actually cut (there are only small little piles of grass that need to picked up) it looks so much nicer now. The girls had so much fun with Dad outside. Rachel drives the ride on from it's parking spot to the garden and today Ruth had a race with her. Ruth's bike is getting a bit small for her though - so even though we was a lot faster than the ride on Rachel said it was so funny to see her legs spinning so fast. Unfortunately the next bike we have (from when Rachel was 6) is still just too big for Ruth. Her legs are so long though - so I am sure it won't be long before she will fit on it.
I got a soup started in my slow cooker yesterday. Again I did not have an actual recipe but just took some guidance form some recipes and used what I had in the house. I was really happy with the result though. It was enjoyed by all and I enjoyed the fact that I had 3 extra meals worth to put in the freezer.
This evening we did our Resurrection Cookies again. It's always a highlight for the girls and it's one of those yearly traditions that I know will be done for many years to come. Such a lovely way to remind them of all the parts of the Easter Story. What a wonderful Saviour we serve.

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