Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy slow cooker

Last night Brendon cut up some pork chops for me to make curry with. A friend had asked for my curry recipe and I realized I had not put it on my blog yet. So I hope to get around to that soon but it also motivated me to make curry again. It's such a wonderful recipe and works with pork or beef (and another friend even uses it with fish). So this morning the curry was ready and 2 meals went into the freezer and the 3rd was for this evening's bible study.

Hannah has surprised me with another funny eating habit. Parsley from the garden. You may remember me telling you about her eating the peel of tangerines?
It's nice that she likes what she likes even if no one else eats it. Amazingly she is also the only one in the family who likes raw celery. She has loved the soups I have been making lately as she always gets a stick of celery to eat when it comes out.

Patches having a little sleep with Ruth.

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