Friday, April 29, 2011

Braid locs?

Woke to our first big frost this morning. Even though it kills a number of plants that are still hanging on in the vegetable garden it really is beautiful. Hannah thought it was snow. I remember Ruth learning about frost and snow last year. The girls are already talking about snow this winter. There have been a number of times when Ruth looks longingly at the snow on the mountains and asks if we can go play in it. Hopefully there will be snow much closer through winter and she will get her wish. Patience is needed for a while though.
When there is a frost there is always a beautiful clear calm sky - so it generally makes for a beautiful day. Here the girls are enjoying some time outside with the cats. They found new toys for them to play with. :-)
I got to a point of being very down about Ruth's hair again today and went back to the blog and videos that helped me the last time I hit a wall. This time the Lord guided me to her videos about Braid locs.
Even though it took this lady a year to decide to start it with her daughter I felt sure it was something we needed to look at doing. It takes time to put the tiny little braids in to start but the whole benefit of this style is that you don't have to take them out, wash and comb. You just leave the braids in (they become locs) and you just tighten the bottom of the braid as the hair grows. We will also only have to commit to this style in 2 or so months when they need to be tightened. So I still have a bit of time to get the other tools I will need. Tightening also takes a lot less time than redoing the whole style and you really can just do a little bit at a time over a couple of weeks. So both Ruth and I like the sound of that.
Today we got started on the top section and got 50 braids into there. So I guess we may end up with around 250 braids. It's looking so nice already though that it motivates us both to keep going.

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dk said...

Hello, please post an update on Ruth's locs? You can see my own try at braidlocs on my blog,