Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful kicks

It was just wonderful this morning to feel the first clear kicks from my little one. Such a beautiful experience and I am so glad the position of the placenta has not stopped me from feeling these movements this early.  From what I can feel the placenta is sitting more to the left so I managed to feel lovely strong kicks on the right of my tummy. I am now 17 weeks and 2 days. I was 18 weeks when I first felt Hannah and I was preparing myself that it may be even later to feel this one. So it really was wonderful this morning. I have been suspecting little movement over the last week but these kicks were just so lovely and strong.
It was another rainy and cold day today. We fetched Rachel this morning and then had to keep ourselves entertained indoors for the rest of the day. When the girls asked Brendon if they could watch something after dinner he said "I am sure you have watched enough today". They had not watched anything through - so it was nice for them to cuddle up and watch something together.
These magpies have been loving the freshly cut grass in the rain. The worms are obviously plentiful as they have spent the last two days on the lawn. Brendon sure is glad he got it cut before all this rain. Hannah is no longer calling them bagpipes but she says magpipes now instead. :-)

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