Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Willowbank - Part 2

Turtles are always fun to watch - even if they just sit there. I loved how this baby was enjoying it's sunny spot.
Then we walked past the Otter enclosure. The two of them were out and it was nice to get a clear photo of one. But I did NOT want to stay here for very long as the face reminds me too much of the VERY unwelcome resident in our wood shed. Both otter and ferret are from the same family (Mustelidae) and it's very easy to see. On this topic I wonder if Rachel has noticed that Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine" is actually holding a ferret?
Then we had a wonderful time with the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. He chatted away to us and the girls had so much fun talking to him. At some point this bird came walking over so the Cockatoo got down onto the ground and pulled it's tail. He did not want to share the attention at all. We don't have any idea what this bird is though. We have just nick-named it the Egyptian bird as the top black and white head section moves around separately like a good Egyptian wig. Anyone have a name for us?

Then I have to show you this video of Hannah. She had me laughing so much today because every time she would run off her little arms would swing like this and it would just get me giggling. And no - it's got nothing to do with the shoes. We have noticed this funny little run for a while now and it was just so nice to finally get it on film. :-)
Then it was up to the farmyard section. Always such a highlight for Rachel to see a horse but this one has a reputation of biting as you have to put feed in a slot for it. So we just suggested the girls be a bit more careful. I love the way Ruth was standing - ready for a quick backwards exit.

Thankfully the donkeys were much more friendly (and far less threatening).
And the sheep were even more friendly. When they heard the little paper packet that the food comes in they came running.

Thankfully the miniature horse was very friendly and Rachel got a pat.
We did not tarry at the pigs but did stop long enough to notice the destruction pigs can cause without nose rings. So although it may not be nice to think about having to put nose rings in, it is the only way you could farm a large amount of pigs outdoors and not have your farm totally destroyed.
Last stop was at the Maori village area. Then we hurried through the rest of the walk just quickly looking at some of the birds. I was exhausted by this point but it's nice to know we can pop in any time we are in town and have a longer look at these sections.
What a wonderful last minute adventure for us. It was a very special afternoon.

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