Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Willowbank - Part 1

It was lovely to get to spend some time together as a family doing something special while Brendon is on leave. For only a little bit more we bought a annual family pass. So we knew we did not have to spend ages here and see everything. We could just spend an hour or two and when we were tired we could get going. Willowbank is so easy to get to once we are in town that I am sure we will have a number of visits in the year ahead.
The girls and I had come to Willowbank before with the Correspondence School. So with it being Brendon's first time the girls enjoyed showing him around.

One of the highlights for Rachel is right at the entrance of the park. The tame eels. And they really are tame. You can buy food at the reception to feed them but they come even if you don't have food.
Brendon getting his first feel. I also got to feel them this time and they are very rubbery.
This is a nice shot so you can have a better look at them. There are at least a dozen of them and we spotted to very young ones.
This one wanted to check that there really was not food this time.

Rachel just loves spending time here. Eventually we had to convince here that there was a lot more we wanted to show Dad.
Heading off on our adventure.
And soon we get to my highlight. The wallabies are so friendly. This time there was only one that voluntarily came onto the path for the food we had to offer.
Ruth sitting so patiently.

Dad found some leaves that they liked and managed to coax another one to come closer for a wipe.

Rachel was soon successful in copying Dad's strategy.
Although Hannah did give them some food and gave them a wipe, she was FAR more interested in the green water. I had told her that it was a plant growing on the water but she just had to see how this all worked.

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