Sunday, March 27, 2011

Purple and green

So yesterday's post made you very aware of what my little camera can NOT do. Well this morning we had a wonderful sunrise and so my camera got an opportunity to show what it CAN do. And this with absolutely NO colour correction or enhancement. What a wonderful start to a lovely day.
The older children got some reading in before we left for church. I must mention here that the Clevely's book collection is lovely having done a number of years of home schooling with Sonlight. So we came away with a bag full of over 40 items from our new "library" and a plan to return them in a couple months when Lynn can perhaps do a nice pregnancy photo shoot when this tummy is a bit bigger.
After church the Phillipses joined us for a soup and rolls lunch. Lynn had a wonderful chicken soup that she pulled out of the freezer but she was concerned that she may not have enough so she quickly whipped up a batch of tomato soup. I am not normally a fan of tomato soup but I went back for thirds it was so good.
Hannah found their cat flap after lunch and had fun playing with that. Lynn got this wonderful photo of her. The green may not be the original but it really is a piece of art. Very cute.
Afternoon service was at 4:30. Brendon had been roped into preaching and although was incredibly nervous about being behind the pulpit again he did a very good job. Not sure if he will say yes the next time.
We then decided to take the Clevely's out for dinner at Burger King. Lynn had never had one of their Hawaiian Chicken burgers before - so we HAD to introduce her. :-) The older children enjoyed being at their own table and then all the children spent ages playing in the tunnel / slide area while us adults got to chat and laugh some more.
Once we were home there was a bit of time for Lynn and Rachel to get some violin practice in. It was nice to be able to give Lynn some tips that we have picked up from Rachel's teacher. Lynn is very gifted musically and I can see she will do very well on the violin. She already plays the mandolin and guitar but this will be her first instrument where she has to read the music. She has already picked it up so quickly. I am excited to hear her play the next time we visit.

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