Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lake Tekapo

This morning we headed off to Lake Tekapo. I must make the note here that I have had to start wearing maternity clothes ALREADY. It seems at 12 weeks this bump just popped out. It's reassuring to know it is baby that's causing this as I finally got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.
First stop was the historical church.
Imagine trying to preach and keep people's attention with that view behind you.

Finally got a shot with both the Clevely photographers.Their photos from today were spectacular.

Here is my attempt to capture what they were looking at. The colour of the water is amazing and my poor camera (and my poor skills at editing) just can't capture the beauty of it.

Some fun amongst the rocks.

In my attempt to capture the colour of the water I took a photo through my sun glasses. It does help a little.

Then it was time for lunch. Lynn organized a lovely picnic lunch which was enjoyed by all.


Then we headed up a steep windy road to the observatory. What magnificent views. Again I just can't capture with my camera the beauty of the colours. It was stunning.
 Here is my best attempt at showing you that stunning lake. I saw some of Nick and Lynn's photos when we got home and they just capture what we saw so well.
Here is at least one of Lynn's photos. A nice group shot.
And let's not forget some music practice before bed. :-)

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