Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you Sarah

What a blessing to have a friend offer to pick the two younger girls up this morning. She was on toy library duty so I sent money along and they got to choose some toys and then they went to "Sarah's Music and Movement". They had an amazing time and I got to rest as well as Rachel. Thank you so much Sarah.
Rachel and I watched "Leonardo Da Vinci - Genius" this morning. It was great that it was available through our DVD rental company and it was really nice for both Rachel and I to feel that we knew most of what was spoken about from her study a few months ago. Always nice to see something on TV that you have read about though. :-)
This afternoon the Pastor from the church in town came out for a visit so Rachel made a chocolate cake. We had a great time getting to know him better and chatting about the possibilities of starting something up in our area.

This evening poor Rachel was really struggling with a loose tooth and amazingly managed to pull it out. Well done Rachel. It was hurting so much. I am glad it's finally out. Sorry we did not have the juice in the fridge. It's gone in now so you can enjoy that tomorrow. (We generally try and give her a nice cold cool drink when a tooth comes out as it gets the bleeding to stop and helps distract her.)

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