Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday fun

The girls dressed the same again this morning for Music and Movement. I was so pleased to be feeling well enough to take them. My energy levels are still quite low but a nice nap after lunch helped.
I am just so very thankful to be feeling myself emotionally again.
The girls enjoyed their afternoon snack of grapes. I love the way Hannah is becoming more affectionate as you see with her legs draped over Rachel. What a change from a child who would often push your hand away if you wanted to touch her.
I was pleased to even have enough energy this afternoon to get some mending done. Rachel's new shorts had ripped a while ago and I actually just had no idea how to fix them. Last night it came to me. I used that stiff iron-on material that you use for men's shirt collars - ironed that onto the ripped L shape and then could zig zag it closed. So it's almost like putting an invisible patch on the inside. With the shape of the rip being an L this worked really well. As the iron was out Rachel decided to get some ironing done. We really don't have much ironing in our house at all. So after a few months of collecting there were probably about 6 items.
This evening Rachel had youth group again. They started earlier today and had dinner together. She is always so excited about going and again had a good time.

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