Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another day resting

After the day I had yesterday Brendon decided it would be crazy to try and go to church today. So he took Hannah into town this morning to get some shopping done and it was a good thing. I only got out of bed after 11am (and I think Ruth was only after 10). Rachel made white porridge this morning and I actually managed to have a bowl (in bed at around 7am) which was great as I have not been able to eat a proper breakfast for a few days now. What a great help she is. She was nervous about making the porridge as it can get lumpy really easily. But she did a great job.
Ruth and Rachel had a bit of a break by having Hannah off with Dad. So they headed upstairs to play with Rachel's barbies. They don't get played with often as Hannah is still too rough. So it was nice for the older girls to get this time together.
Brendon arrived home with some extra treats for me (to try and tempt me to eat) as well as loads of fruit. He also bought pizza while in town for our dinner and although we ordered what we thought would be double it's ended up enough for 3 meals. So two pizza meals are in the freezer. What an extra blessing for these tough days.

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