Saturday, January 22, 2011

Take it easy

Brendon has encouraged me to really take it easy today and to find things that keep my mind busy but don't take up too much energy (no big cleaning projects started today). It's been a lovely quiet, restful day.
This morning Ruth decided to be a clown again and had Hannah in stitches. I just love the way she giggles. So contagious. And then once Ruth had run out of energy she cuddled up with Dad. I thought it was so sweet how Smokey decided to cuddle up too. You can see it's still cold today - the fire is going again.
I had a lovely nap again this afternoon and it was simple oven fish and chips for dinner (which feels like having take-aways for me).
After dinner Brendon got back to stacking the wood (he had been working on it through the day too). So while he kept busy (this photo was taken after 8pm after he had already done so much of it) I kept busy on face book loading photos of our prayer cards. It's been amazing to see how old some of the photos are. I look forward to updating a lot of them soon. Although tonight I did not feel I had any creativity inside of me. It was good to have something to keep my mind busy though. The Lord has been so very good to me and has truly given my His peace. I thank Him for answered prayer.
By 9pm I was already ready for bed - so another early night for me.

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